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Approved Receiving Facilities, Transporters and Agents

Landfills and Waste Water Treatment Plants Accepting Controlled Waste

Some landfills and waste water treatment plants in Tasmania can accept certain controlled wastes. It is important that a waste producer, or agent acting on behalf of the producer, contact the treatment or disposal facility to ensure the facility has approval to receive the waste in question and is currently able to receive it.

Approved Controlled Waste Transporters and Agents

The controlled waste handlers listed in the spreadsheet below are authorised to transport the listed controlled waste categories within Tasmania in accordance with the Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Controlled Waste Tracking) Regulations 2010 (the CWT Regulations). Please refer to the list of controlled waste category codes for a description of each waste.

If you consign a controlled waste for transport, you will need to ensure that the controlled waste transporter or agent is registered under the CWT Regulations (i.e. is one of the handlers listed below) and is authorised to transport the relevant waste.

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