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Controlling Waste Initiative 2004

Controlling Waste is the State Government's Six Point Action Plan to manage controlled waste in Tasmania. It is about positioning Tasmania to meet the challenges that lay ahead and assist us to manage our wastes for the future.

The Government views the programs and projects of Controlling Waste as laying the foundations for more challenging goals that must be tackled over a medium and longer-term timeframe, to underpin the prosperity and sustainability of our State and guide the management of waste into the future. As such it should be considered in the context of the broader waste management activities being undertaken across the community.

Controlling Waste has its origins in the Statewide Partnership Agreement on Waste signed by the State Government and all 29 Councils in 2000 under the auspices of the Premier's Local Government Council (PLGC). It builds upon the recommendations presented to the PLGC by both the Tasmanian Waste Advisory Committee and Waste Management Taskforce.

The report advocated a more strategic approach to Statewide arrangements for controlled wastes to meet our immediate and longer term waste management needs. The Taskforce recommended the implementation of a waste classification and measurement system to provide consistent waste generation data and inform performance-monitoring programs. The Taskforce's recommendations form the basis of what needs to be done, and will be delivered under the Controlling Waste Initiative.

This initiative consists of six programs that were key priorities for the Government's waste management activities.

  • Program #1 - Understanding Waste
    Improved accountability and reporting on waste generation. View the resulting comprehensive inventory, or summary inventory of controlled waste generation and management.
  • Program #2 - Better Performance Standards
    Stringent environmental performance standards for landfills. New best practice environmental management standards for landfills have been released, through the Landfill Sustainability Guide.
  • Program #3 - Effective Legislative Framework
    Tough environmental legislation. The Waste Management Regulations 2010 have been tightened.
  • Program #4 - Improved Environmental Compliance
    A strengthened focus on environmental compliance. An Approved Management Method for clinical and related wastes has been developed.
  • Program #5 - Managing Site Contamination
    More effective management of contaminated sites. New contaminated sites legislation was introduced in Nov 2007 through ammendments to EMPCA.
  • Program #6 - Controlled Waste Transport
    Greater environmental controls on waste transport activities. The EPA Division is currently developing and implementing a Controlled Waste Tracking System.

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