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Managing Organics

There are a number of composting facilities regulated by the EPA Division processing organic waste. These facilities treat a number of problem wastes including fish waste, whey products, sewage sludge, biosolids and green waste.

Compost Facilities

There are three major composting facilities and a number of smaller facilities processing organic waste in Tasmania. At present all of these facilities are open air windrow systems. Any compost facility that processes over 100 tonnes of organic waste is classified as a Level 2 Activity and regulated by the EPA Division.

The Application to Land of Class 2 & 3 Biosolids

Wastewater managers involved in the reuse of sewerage sludge or biosolids are guided by an Approved Management Method for Biosolids Reuse and the requirement for the EPA Division to regulate the application to land of Biosolids is uncommon.

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