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Legislative Context - Wastewater

​EPA Tasmania​ regulates 81 Level 2 (>100 kilolitres/day) Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) in Tasmania, and has powers to investigate serious environmental offences and undertake enforcement proceedings under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act, 1994 ("the Act").

EPA Tasmania's key activities in assessing and regulating Level 2 WWTPs and investigating serious environmental offences include:

  • undertaking assessments under the Act in relation to proposals for new WWTPs or significant changes to existing WWTPs;
  • developing legally binding environmental conditions for approved WWTPs through planning permits and / or Environment Protection Notices;
  • applying the Tasmanian policy framework in relation to water quality management relevant to wastewater activities and updating environmental conditions where necessary;
  • ensuring compliance with environmental conditions through collection and evaluation of discharge data and the impacts on the receiving environment;
  • investigations into serious environmental pollution offences under the Act or offences associated with breaches of permit conditions relating to wastewater treatment plants.

EPA Tasmania also performs an assessment and review function in relation to wastewater recycling schemes associated with Level 2 WWTPs, but does not directly regulate these activities.

Local Government is also a key regulator of pollution associated sewage related issues. Local government regulate smaller wastewater treatment activities (<100 Kl/day), on-site treatment systems including septic tanks and the sewerage reticulation network and are the lead authority for nuisance issues associated with non- level 2 activities.

For more information on making a complaint regarding sewage related pollution view the Report Pollution page.

In addition to its assessment, regulation and enforcement activities, EPA Tasmania offers advice and guidance in relation to wastewater issues including effluent reuse and biosolids reuse through the provision of policies and guidelines.

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