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‚ÄčThe PONDCAL program has been devised as part of the study to assist in lagoon design, and operation and management of sewage lagoon systems in temperate areas of Australia. It allows for the input of design parameters and measurements taken from the lagoon to make performance predictions. The data required to be entered into the program are daily influent flows, rainfall events, influent BOD, surface areas and average depths of cells, bacterial counts and stratification status of the lagoon system. The program then calculates the organic loads on the primary cell, wet weather and dry weather flows, hydraulic retention times, predicts bacterial performance and calculates actual bacterial performance.

PONDCAL uses the modified Marais model to assess and calculate bacterial performance.

Chapter 9 of the Lagoon Design & Management Guidelines details how to install and operate PONDCAL as well as interpret the data it generates. PONDCAL is downloadable in Zip format by clicking on the link below. The download contains relevant information and instructions to install and run PONDCAL. PONDCAL requires Microsoft Excel. 


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