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THE TASMANIAN 'BURN BRIGHTER THIS WINTER' WOODHEATER EDUCATIONAL INTERVENTION 2013: TARGETTING INFORMATION TO RESIDENTS WITH SMOKY CHIMNEYS, BUT WITH LITTLE IMPROVEMENT9395315/12/2017 2:02:34 AMPaper presented at the 2015 meeting of the Clean Air Society of Aus/NZ, presenting the 'Burn Brighter' winter 2013 wood-heater educational program, and an assessment of its 1https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxFalse
Forward Mining Ltd, Rogetta Project - Appendix L - Bushfire Protection Assessment10425620/02/2015 7:00:18 AMG P O B o x 2 0 3 0 H o b a r t T A S 7 0 0 1 a d m i n @ c a s t e l l a n . c o m . a u P h o n e : 0 4 4 7 7 1 0 1 5 2 A B N 5 8 1 3 0 7 8 2 6 7 9 Bushfire 236https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Final BEMP 2012-2017 V1.11996286/06/2018 7:24:30 AMD’Entrecasteaux Channel and Huon Marine Farming A Q U E N A L Aquenal Pty Ltd BEMP Combined report 2012/13-2016-17 REPORT CITATION: Broadscale Environmental Monitoring Program 53https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Air quality brochure Revised February 2018916925/02/2018 10:11:42 PMEPA Tasmania Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment REGULATIONS ON SMOKE EMISSIONS FROM WOOD HEATERS, FIREPLACES & COOKING APPLIANCES How can I tell if my 194https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
EMPCA (Noise) Regulations 2004 - Regulatory Impact Statement213906/01/2004 12:47:50 AMDEPARTMENT of PRIMARY INDUSTRIES, WATER and ENVIRONMENT ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND POLLUTION CONTROL (MISCELLANEOUS NOISE) REGULATIONS 2004 Submissions are invited in relation to 305https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd, North Borrow Clay Extractive Pit - EAR2239025/10/2016 3:46:13 AMBoard of the Environment Protection Authority Environmental Assessment Report Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd – North Borrow Clay Extractive Pit, Cranbrook I 242https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Merry Creek Quarry Upgrade EER Attachment 5 - Forest Practices Plan6136811/01/2018 12:29:17 AMMerry Creek Quarry Upgrade EER Attachment 5 - Forest Practices Plan, Break O'Day Council, September 2017 118https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Signed Letter of Approval - EPA Director - EPN 9760-1 - 3 Oct 2017920573/10/2017 12:20:44 AMENVIRONMENT PROTECTION AUTHORITi' APPROVAL FOR THE TREATMENT OF FISH FARM WASTE IN THE AREA COVERED BY THE MACQUARIE HARBOUR MARINE FARMING DEVELOPMENT PLAN OCTOBER 2005 In 206https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
EPA Approval for Trial Waste Collection, Macquarie Harbour1036306/06/2017 6:59:27 AM310https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Treloar Transport Pty Ltd, Porcupine Hill Quarry - EER Supplement11412827/03/2018 6:51:41 AMForthside – Porcupine Hill Quarry Environmental Effects Report - Supplement Prepared by: Carol Steyn Issue Date Recipient Organisation Draft 1 6 th March 2018 80https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
EMP Waste Management - Tassal Macquarie Harbour - Revised 15 Nov 2017_redacted13915329/11/2017 10:02:05 PM140https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Gaspersic Contracting Pty Ltd, Heemskirk Quarry, Granville Harbour - EAR1595754/10/2017 1:13:05 AMBoard of the Environment Protection Authority Environmental Assessment Report Gaspersic Contracting Pty Ltd – Heemskirk Quarry, Heemskirk Road I Environmental Assessment Report 201https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Treloar Transport Co, Porcupine Hill Quarry, Forthside - EAR17885716/04/2018 5:15:06 AMBoard of the Environment Protection Authority Environmental Assessment Report Treloar Transport Pty Ltd – Porcupine Hill quarry, Forthside I Environmental Assessment Report 101https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Tassal's Waste Capture System EMP June 2017 - Redacted20285829/06/2017 4:58:56 AM485https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
EPA's Cover Letter to Tassal20365230/06/2017 6:27:44 AM230https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Baseline Environmental Survey specifications for MF117 Green Head, July 201824160925/07/2018 8:11:01 AMLEASE NO. 117 – GREEN HEAD – TASMAN PENINSULA AND NORFOLK BAY MFDP In this schedule, ‘Director’ means the Director, Environment Protection Authority as defined in Section 3 of the 75https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Statement of reasons MF117 Green Head, Norfolk Bay24161817/08/2018 3:33:28 AMTo approve the Huon Aquaculture Company Pty Ltd (Huon) application to grant an Environmental Licence 9957/1 in accordance with Section 42J of the Environmental Management and 54https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Deed of Agreement between MAST, TasPorts and the Crown25504125/09/2018 12:04:30 AMhttps://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Porta Mouldings Pty Ltd, Sawmill Expansion, Bridgewater - EER25506025/09/2018 1:21:00 AM Sustainable Design PORTA BRIDGEWATER SAWMILL EXPANSION | ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS REPORT i Purpose of Issue/Nature of Revision Updated following comments from EPA air emissions https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf
Porta Mouldings Pty Ltd, Sawmill Expansion, Bridgewater - Appendices (Excl. Aboriginal Heritage Report)25506125/09/2018 1:22:01 AMDWG NO. A001 A101 A101A A102 A103 A104 A105 A106 A107 A108 A109 A110 A111 DRAWING COVER PAGE LOCATION PLAN LOCATION PLAN A SITE PLAN WATER SUPPLY PLAN STORMWATER DETENTION DAM https://epa.tas.gov.au/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdf