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Discover the EPA Sustainable Event Guidelines

EPA Sustainable Event Guidelines

The EPA has established guidelines and a checklist for event organisers to assist with planning and holding events in a sustainable manner.

Reduce Wood Smoke

Teaching Resources on Wood Smoke

Hands-on Primary and Secondary School teaching resources to highlight the importance of using wood heaters effectively to reduce smoke.

Teaching Resources about Litter

New teaching resource

A resource for primary school teachers about litter is now available.

Sustainability Objectives for the Tasmanian EPA

The EPA administers the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA) and also seeks to further the objectives of sustainability and sustainable development, in line with the objectives of Tasmania's Resource Management and Planning System (RMPS), through means such as:

  • considering the implications of development proposals, and applying conditions to prevent environmental harm, within the broader context of their implications for sustainable development
  • supporting and promoting activities which are recognised as essential for the sustainability of our society into the future, including energy efficiency, waste minimisation and recycling, the circular ​economy,​​resource efficiency, education and innovation
  • providing incentives that further these objectives.