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Awards Australia

​​​The EPA Board funds the EPA Sustainability Award, which is an award to encourage business innovation towards environmental sustainability. The EPA Sustainability Award is a category within the Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards conducted by Awards Australia. 

​The EPA Sustainability Award is designed to recognise businesses and organisations who share a passion and commitment for sustainability and to reducing environmental impacts in their business and the community, particularly through waste minimisation and resource efficiency. 

​2018 W​​​inners

Clean Rivers and Fert$mart Partners of Port Sorell have won the 2018 EPA Sustainability Award for their achievements in protecting and improving water quality on dairy farms around the State.​ More information about the 2018 winners, finalists and entrants is in this news item.

Previous W​inners

Winner of the 2017 EPA Sustainability Award was the City of Hobart, for their strategy to achieve zero waste in which they outlined over 90 actions to reduce waste, already diverting about 3,000 tonnes of organic waste from landfill. In 2016 Greenham Tasmania and Botanical Resources Australia developed a partnership to concert pyrethrum waste in biofuel briquettes as a substitute for coal.

This Year's Awards

Nominations Open: Wednesday 15 May 2019
Nominations Close: Wednesday 14 August 2019
Judging: Wednesday 25 September 2019
Awards Presentation: Friday 22 November 2019​​

For more information, visit the Awards Australia website​.​​

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