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Resources for Business and Industry

Business and industry are major consumers of resources. As such they have a corporate responsibility to respect and proactively manage how resources are used or transformed throughout a product lifecycle. Business interests are usually best served by converting as much raw resource - namely energy, water and materials - into valuable products and services as possible. Ideally, this approach should also lead to minimisation of waste and reduced pollution.
  • Business and Industry Waste
    Managing waste from commercial and industrial sources can dramatically reduce the waste going to landfill, reducing disposal costs.
  • Business Recycling Directory
    You may be surprised at the huge variety of materials can be that can be recycled from business and industry. It is not just bottles and cans anymore!
  • Product Stewardship
    The EPA pursues product stewardship, whereby manufacturers, importers, governments and consumers share the responsibility for the environmental impacts of a product throughout its full life cycle, including production, handling, use and disposal.
  • Resource Efficiency
    Focusing on resource efficiency means process optimisation to limit consumption of energy, water and materials and output of waste products. It can also result in cost savings.
  • Sustainable Event Guidelines
    The EPA has established guidelines and a checklist for event organisers to assist with planning and holding events in a sustainable manner.

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