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Case Studies

Springworks shows energy efficiency is a hot topic

Launceston based engineering firm Leighton Springworks Suspension and Engineering is enjoying lower energy bills, improved process control and greater employee safety and comfort by operating its new direct radiation electric oven to heat treat steel.

People, planet and profit in the restaurant trade

A restaurant owner teams up with a community garden coordinator to compost organic waste and reduce the carbon footprint of a small business.

Waste becomes a resource at Marinova

A biotechnology company teamed up with a horticultural company to produce the seaweed-enriched SeaGreens potting mix from material that previously went to landfill.

From by-product to production fuel at Botanical Resources Australia

The pyrethrum producer saves $45,000 a year by using raffinate to fuel its boiler.

Cool carrots save energy and water at Premium Fresh

Vegetable growing and packing company Premium Fresh cuts $23,000 from its energy bill and reduces water use too.

All steamed up about chocolate at Cadbury Claremont

Improving the use of steam at Cadbury’s Claremont factory saves water, coal and greenhouse gas emissions and saves $36,000 annually.

EnviroWise Gardening at the New Town Station Nursery

Sustainable gardening initiatives educate and inspire gardeners and the broader community, as well as saving water, bags and potting resources.


Reclaim it don't dump it - recovering solvent at McElligotts (Tasmania)

McElligotts (Tasmania) is reaping substantial economic, health and environmental rewards with its newly installed solvent reclaim system.

King_Island_Sign.jpgKing Island Coffee Shop

Tina and Josh Goddard, proprietors of the King Island Coffee Shop, have through their participation in King Island Sustainable Futures reduced the shop’s energy demand and made substantial cost savings. 

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