Duty to Notify

There is a duty under section 32 of the Environmental Managemen​t and Pollution Control Act 1994​​ (EMPCA) to notify the EPA or the Local Council about pollution that causes or may cause environmental harm or nuisance if you are an owner, occupier of polluter. 

  • Director, EPA must be notified (on 1800 005 171) - if the release has caused, or may cause, serious or material environmental harm, or if the activity is regulated by the EPA.
  • Local Council must be notified - if the activity is regulated by Council, or is a residential matter and is causing or may cause environmental nuisance.

Contaminated Land

Please notify the Director, EPA within 24 hours if you reasonably believe or become aware that land is, or may be, contaminated: ​Notification of a Contaminated Site

Marine Pollution Incidents

If there is a discharge or likely discharge into State waters of oily or other noxious liquid or packaged harmful substances, please contact us: 

Telephone:    1800 005 171
                      or Business Hours Only +613 6165 4599 

Radio:           TasPorts Vessel Traffic Services
                     VHF radio channel 16/14/12
                     Call sign “relevant port name VTS"

Email:            incidentresponse@epa.tas.gov.au 

The name, IMO number and radio call-sign of the ship​ must be provided, and a written message must commence with the code letters "POLREP". Basic information such as the location, nature of the spill or discharge and contact details should be provided.

The Marine-related Incidents (MARPOL Implementation) Act and Regulations 2020 state the master of a ship must notify the harbour master or Director, EPA as soon as possible if there is any discharge or likely discharge, or if a ship is 15 metres or longer and is damaged or broken down that may affect the safety of the ship or its navigation.

The owner, charterer, manager, operator or agent of the ship must notify if the ship's master is unable to do so. A detailed written report may be requested within 24 hours of the notification.