Public Consultations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This page lists open and recently closed public consultations, including development proposals being assessed by the Environment Protection Authority. 

These consultations provide opportunities for the community and stakeholders to have their say. ​

Note: For development proposals, Case for Assessment is the collective term for documents submitted by proponents and may take the form of an EIS, EER or, in the case of some older proposals, a DPEMP.​

See also Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania​ (NRE Tas) and Parks and Wildlife Service for public consultations run by those agencies.​​​​​

Note: Public consultations in relation to environmental legislation will be notified on the NR​​E Tas website - see Environmental Management.​

Assessments Open for Public Comment

Dulverton Regional Waste Management Authority, Dulverton Organics Recycling Facility, Railton

Dulverton Regional Waste Management Authority has proposed to establish an organics recycling facility using in-vessel composting to produce up to 25,000 tonnes of compost per year.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 14/9/2022

Tasmanian Advanced Minerals Pty Ltd, Hawkes Creek North Silica Mine, Hawkes Creek

Tasmanian Advanced Minerals Pty Ltd is proposing to undertake a new silica mine, adjacent to its existing silica mine at Hawkes Creek in North-West Tasmania. The proposed extraction limit is 5,000 tonnes per year. All crushing and screening of product is proposed to take place at the existing Hawkes Creek site. Therefore, provided existing processing limits at the Hawkes Creek site are complied with, the proposed activity will be extraction only.

Case for Assessment open for public comment until: 29/8/2022

Recently Closed Assessment Consultations

Artec Woodchip Mill Upgrade, Bell Bay

Artec Pty Ltd proposes to continue using both a diesel and electric chipper, and are seeking to use the diesel chipper more than 120 hours per month until such time as a second electric chipper is constructed. No change is proposed to maximum production quantity of 600,000 bone dry metric tonnes per year.

Case for Assessment closed: 5/7/2022

Artificial Reef in Great Bay, D'Entrecasteaux Channel

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) is proposing to construct an artificial reef in Great Bay for recreational fishing purposes.

Case for Assessment closed: 25/6/2022

Break O'Day Council - Scamander Inert Landfill, Coach Road, Scamander

Break O’Day Council is proposing to construct and operate an inert landfill at the site of a former Level 2 putrescible landfill, which currently operates as a municipal waste transfer station. The proposal is to accept up to 3,000 tonnes of inert waste per year, to be filled in cells and then capped.

Case for Assessment closed: 11/6/2022

Cleanaway Daniels Services, Clinical Waste Treatment Facility

The proposal is for the treatment of clinical waste via autoclave and penetrative steam.

Case for Assessment closed: 25/7/2022

Duggans Pty Ltd, Catos Hill Quarry Capacity Increase, Cradoc

Duggans Pty Ltd proposes to increase extraction and processing of material at an existing activity level 2 activity.

Case for Assessment closed: 4/7/2022

NRM South, Reef Builder Southeast Tasmania, D'Entrecasteaux Channel

This proposal seeks to restore up to six hectares of Australian flat oyster reefs at three sites in the Derwent Estuary and D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

Case for Assessment closed: 30/7/2022

Venture Minerals Limited, Mt Livingstone Mine, Tullah

A new iron ore mine comprising extraction at the Mt Livingstone site, crushing and screening at the site of the existing Riley Mine and Direct Shipment of Ore (DSO) via truck to Burnie port and onward shipment.

Draft guidelines closed: 21/5/2022

Venture Minerals Limited, Mt Lindsay Mine, Tullah

A new underground Tin-Tungsten-Magnetite-Copper mine including temporary surface waste storage and operating infrastructure.

Draft guidelines closed: 21/5/2022

Woodside Energy Ltd, H2TAS Renewable Hydrogen and Ammonia Facility, Long Reach

Woodside Energy Ltd proposes to construct and operate an ammonia production plant that will produce up to 800,000 tonnes of ammonia per year.

Draft guidelines closed: 27/6/2022

UPC Robbins Island Pty Ltd, Robbins Island Road to Hampshire Transmission Line

UPC Robbins Island Pty Ltd is proposing to construct and operate a power transmission line from Robbins Island Road to Hampshire, through North-West Tasmania.

Draft guidelines closed: 27/6/2022