Resources for Local Government

​The ​​​EPA works with Local Government as co-regulators in reducing environmental harm.

​The EPA's partnership with Local Government aims to improve regulatory activities and reduce pollution. Working with Councils is critical in achieving statutory responsibilities outlined in Tasmania's environmental management and pollution control legislation, such as the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA).

  • Tools and Resources
    Access to factsheets, guidelines, standard conditions and procedures to help Local Government assess and regulate Level 1 activities.
  • Technical Support
    Information, guidance and advice on environmental assessment and regulation, complaint handling, incident response, compliance and investigation.
  • Local Government FAQs
    Common questions such as who to contact for help, when to notify the EPA, how to deal with wood smoke, and assessment requirements.
  • Events
    Including workshops, seminars, training activities and access to the Environmental Regulation Portal.