Tools and Resources

​​​​​​​​​Local Government officers are required to deal with a broad range of issues affecting their local communities. The Local Government tools and resources page is in response to requests from C​ouncil officers for information and guidance on various environmental management and pollution issues.

Items will be continually added to this page. Contact us with any feedback or suggestions, on the details below.

Air Quality​

Burn Brighter this Winter Resources

Contaminated Sites

Publications and useful resources for Contaminated Sites.

Noise Issues

Publications including

Level 1 activities

​Information and resources to assist in the assessment of Level 1 activities.

The Standard Conditions and Definitions​ document provides information about some of the standard conditions used by the EPA in drafting Permits and EPNs.  The conditions included are considered applicable to a wide range of environmental Activities and considered appropriate for Level 1 Activities as defined in EMPCA.​​

Workshops, Seminars and Training

Supplementary resources for joint EPA and Local Government workshops, seminars and training sessions.​​