Food Waste Teaching Resource

​​​​It is important to reduce food waste, as it contributes globally to around 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. In this teaching manual, teachers can guide students to learn about how food is produced and transported around the world, the environmental impacts of landfilling and hence the importance of reducing food waste. Students will gain practical ideas of how to reduce food waste at home and at school.​​

Download the whole manual:

  Waste – A Teaching Manual – Grade 5 Food Waste   (5Mb)

or download the individual lesson plans:

  Curricular Links   (167Kb)

  Lesson 1 - The impacts of food production   (306Kb)

  Lesson 2 - Food Kilometres   (639Kb)

  Lesson 3 - How much food do we waste?   (482Kb)

  Lesson 3 Ext 1 - Schoolyard waste and litter audit   (641Kb)

  Lesson 3 Ext 2 - Is food packaging good or bad?   (337Kb)

  Lesson 4 - How do we waste food? What can we do?   (487Kb)

  Lesson 5 - Food Waste Snakes and Ladders   (351Kb)

  Lesson 5 Ext 1 - Leftover Makeover   (173Kb)

  Lesson 6 - Composting - Inside or outside the classroom   (1Mb)

  Lesson 6 Ext 1 - Keeping chickens   (209Kb)