Litter Teaching Resource

​​​​​​Waste – A Teaching Manual - Grade 2 - Litter provides a sequence of pedagogically aligned, hands-on litter-related teaching units for primary school teachers.

The units outline activities that can be used to develop awareness in students about litter in Tasmania while meeting requirements of the Australian Curriculum in various subject areas, including the cross curricular priority of sustainability. 

Download the whole Litter Teaching Manual:

  Waste - A Teaching Manual - Grade 2 - Litter   (2Mb)

or download the individual lesson plans:

  Curricular links   (201Kb)

  Lesson 1 - Litter audit   (333Kb)

  Lesson 1 Extension 1 - Revisit the litter audit   (236Kb)

  Lesson 1 Extension 2 - Write a story about litter   (198Kb)

  Lesson 1 Extension 3 - Litter Collage   (202Kb)

  Lesson 2 - Litterbugs   (164Kb)

  Lesson 3 - Rubbish-free lunch   (261Kb)​

  Lesson 4 - The River   (409Kb)

  Lesson 5 - Marine litter educational activities   (189Kb)

  Lesson 6 - Beach cleanup   (357Kb)

  Lesson 7 - What is the effect of beach litter   (178Kb)

  Lesson 7 Extension 1 - Making marine creatures from marine litter   (162Kb)

  Lesson 7 Extension 2 - Make a poster   (283Kb)

  Lesson 7 Extension 3 - Design a litter bin   (195Kb)​

Litter collage

Litter collage