Paper Waste Teaching Resource

​​​​​​​​​​This teaching resource covers topics such as: how paper is made, how much paper we use, how paper consumption and waste affects biodiversity, water use, energy use and climate change. Suggestions are provided on how we can reduce, re-use and recycle paper and how schools can cut down on paper consumption. The resource is tailored for Grade 3, but could be adapted for other grade levels. The resource provides alignment with the Australian Curriculum in various subject areas, including science and the cross curricular priority of sustainability. 

Download the whole Paper Waste Teaching Manual:

   Waste - A Teaching manual - Grade 3 - Paper   (3Mb)

Or download the individual lesson plans: 

  Curricular links   (386Kb)

  Lesson 1 - Paper - What is it made from? (320Kb)

  Lesson 1 Extension 1 - Draw or paint an animal from the biodiversity investigation   (242Kb)

  Lesson 1 Extension 2 - Write a poem   (275Kb)

  Lesson 1 Extension 3 - History of paper and writing   (326Kb)

  Lesson 2 - Environmental impacts of papermaking   (481Kb)

  Lesson 3 - How much paper do we use?   (639Kb)

  Lesson 3 Extension 1 - Box-in-a-Box Game   (209Kb)

  Lesson 3 Extension 2 - Origami Flowers   (208Kb)

  Lesson 3 Extension 3 - Crazy Birds   (188Kb)

  Lesson 3 Extension 4 - Junk Mail   (226Kb)

  Lesson 4 - How much paper are we recycling   (268Kb)

  Lesson 4 Extension 1 - Making handmade paper   (613Kb)

  Lesson 5 - Waste paper reduction in school   (574Kb)

  Lesson 5 Extension 1 - Paper bag game   (208Kb)

  Lesson 5 Extension 2 - Make a school recycling poster   (245Kb)

  Lesson 5 Extension 3 - Hand-made books   (195Kb)

Materials and equipment for making handmade paper

Materials and equipment for making handmade paper​