​​​ Obje​​ctives

The EPA undertakes a Sponsorship Program to fulfil​ a number of aims, including:

  • promoting awareness of the EPA, its vision and goals, and the principles of environmental sustainability
  • building partnerships and strategic alignments with organisations and community groups that embody similar goals, values and activities
  • providing endorsement for products and services that deliver outcomes of environmental sustainability, and 
  • facilitating community engagement, and meeting a community service obligation or expectation.


The EPA Board has the discretion to provide funding for sponsorship from the Tasmanian Environment Protection Fund (EPF), which is established under EMPCA. The EPF includes money raised from financial assurances, environmental prosecutions and bequests. These funds are variable in any given year, and may be used for purposes including dealing with an environmental emergency, for education and training programs, for research, or for programs relating to the protection, restoration or enhancement of the environment. 

The EPA Board delegates fund administration and management of the Sponsorship Program to EPA staff. The EPA has developed Guidelines for Sponsorship Proposals, which will assist applicants to plan and prepare an application for sponsorship, available below:

  EPA Guidelines for Sponsorship Proposals   (187Kb)

Focus areas fo​​​r funding

The EPA has identified priority areas for support through sponsorship funding. The following areas of focus, along with key objectives will be considered in assessing sponsorship proposals. It is not expected that a proposal must meet all of these focus areas.     

Community Awareness and Edu​​cation 

  • Enhancing community understanding of environmental issues and management, and encourage individual efforts to protect the environment
  • Providing information and opportunity for stakeholders to participate in environmental issues 

​​Capacity ​​​Building 

Increasing the effectiveness of individuals and organisations to deliver programs and services that protect, restore or enhance the environment or reduce pollution through: 

  • Education and training to increase knowledge and technical skills 
  • Sharing and disseminating data and information

​Environmenta​​l ​​​Education

  • Supporting, encouraging, recognising and promoting environmental initiatives within the education sector
  • Encouraging the education sector to be aware of, and participate in, environmental activities 

​​​​Local Gover​nment

  • Encouraging Local Government to conduct, promote and/or reward environmental projects  


  • Encouraging or rewarding environmental best practice and/or stewardship in industry.  This can apply to businesses regulated by the EPA, if they go 'over and above' regulatory requirements

​Sponsors​​​hip Examples

The EPA has developed a number of sponsorship partnerships to target key stakeholder groups, including industry and business, Local Government, scientific research institutions, community groups and educational organisations. Examples of EPA sponsorship agreements include, or have included:

  • Awards Australia for the Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards - naming rights sponsor of the EPA Sustainability Award​​​ categories (Industry and Community)
  • Department of Education - Kids4Kids Conference - sponsor of bus transport for regional area schools
  • Environmental Health Australia (Tasmania) - State Conference Sponsor
  • Local Government Association of Tasmania - Annual Conference Sponsor
  • Tamar NRM - Sustainable Living Expo Sponsor
  • Sustainable Living Tasmania - Sustainable Living Festival Sponsor
  • University of Tasmania Foundation - sponsor of Governor's Environmental Scholarships

For more information on EPA Sponsorship Program, contact the EPA Communications Coordinator.