​​Noise in our environment tends to increase as our world advances and it has become a significant environmental issue. The quality of the acoustic environment, which includes the level of sound and its characteristics, can affect our work, leisure and sleep.

  • About Noise
    'Noise' has many meanings but in environmental management, the term means 'sound' or 'acoustic energy' and includes mechanical vibration.
  • Noise Legislation
    The management and regulation of noise in Tasmania is provided by the Noise EPP, EMPCA, and the Noise Regulations.
  • Noise Management
    The EPA has both regulatory and advisory roles in relation to noise.
  • Measures of Noise
    There are many measures of noise but environmental noise is normally measured in dB(A).
  • Noise Publications
    Policy, legislative and technical documents as well as Guidelines in relation to Assessing Noise Nuisance, Noise Limits, Trial Bike Noise and Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners.