The Resource Management and Planning System (RMPS)

​​​​​​In 1993, the Tasmanian Government introduced legislation as part of a framework called the Resource Management and Planning System. All elements of the RMPS are linked through common objectives, which are listed as a schedule in each relevant Act. 

The RMPS is an integrated system, with a number of provisions in these Acts requiring that specific functions must ‘seek to further the objectives of the Resource Management and Planning System’.

The objectives of the RMPS are:

  • to promote the sustainable development of natural and physical resources and the maintenance of ecological processes and genetic diversity
  • to provide for the fair, orderly and sustainable use and development of air, land and water
  • to encourage public involvement in resource management and planning
  • to facilitate economic development in accordance with the objectives set out in the above paragraphs
  • to promote the sharing of responsibility for resource management and planning between the different spheres of government, the community and industry in the State

Further information on the State Planning System is provided on the Tasmanian Planning Reform website, including the diagram Tasmanian Planning System at a Glance.​

The Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA) is the primary environment protection legislation in Tasmania, and is part of the RMPS. Schedule 1 of EMPCA lists both the RMPS Objectives, and additional objectives specific to the Environmental Management and Pollution Control System established by EMPCA.

Other important components of the RMPS include the:

A list of the legislation that constitutes the RMPS, or supports it, is given in the Guide to the Resource Management a​nd Planning System. 

  Guide to the Resource Management and Planning System   (621Kb)