Prosecutions by Court Proceedings and Infringement Notices

​​​​​​​​Offences for which Court proceedings may be commenced and for which Infringement Notices can be issued are described in legislation administered by the EPA. A list of legislation administered by, and guiding policy used by, the EPA can be found in the Policy and Legislation section of this website.​

​Court proceedings may be commenced by the EPA as a result of investigations undertaken, or when recipients of an Infringement Notice elect to have the matter of the Notice determined by the Courts.

Some offences under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA) carry provisions for terms of imprisonment and penalties to a maximum of 1,000 penalty units ($1,810,000 in 2022/23).

​Note: Penalty units are changed at the start of each financial year (1 July) and the current ​​value for penalty units is published on the Justice Department website.​

The following document provides details of prosecutions by the EPA since 1996.​

  Prosecution b​y Court Proceedings​   (100Kb)​

Infringement Notices penalties depend on the offence and whether the offence is by an individual or a corporation. Generally, the fine for an individual is less than that for a Corporation. The fines from Infringement Notices issued by authorized officers of the Crown are paid into the Environment Protection Fund. Fines and monetary penalties are administered under the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Act 2005 and through the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service.

​Individuals or Corporations issued with an Infringement Notice may elect to have the matter of the Notice determined by the Courts.

Infringement Notices may be issued by officers authorized under the relevant legislation (EPA officers or Tasmania Police officers) and by appointed Council officers.