Plastic Shopping Bags Ban Act 2013


The Plastic Shopping Bags Ban Act 2013 prohibits retailers in Tasmania from supplying shoppers with lightweight (less than 35 micron thickness) plastic shopping bags for the purpose of enabling goods sold, or to be sold, by the retailer, to be carried from the retailer's premises.

The supply of other plastic bags is not restricted. These include compostable biodegradable plastic bags that meet Australian Standard 4736, re-sealable zipper storage bags, heavier plastic bags (typically used by clothing and department stores) and plastic bags that are an integral part of the packaging (such as bread, frozen foods or ice bags and fruit and vegetable 'barrier' bags).

​The Act is administered and enforced by authorized officers from the Tasmanian EPA.

Legislation ​​Online

The Plastic Shopping ​​Bags Ban Act 2013 is available on the Tasmanian Legislation website.

Supporting I​​nformation

Further information about the lightweight plastic bag ban is available on our Plastic Shopping Bags​ page.


The main provisions of the Act are:

  • A ban on retailers providing lightweight plastic shopping bags;
  • Powers for the Director, EPA to require proof of plastic bag composition;
  • Non-compliance penalties for individuals and corporations;
  • The ability for regulations to be made for the purposes of the Act; and
  • Powers for authorized officers to administer and enforce the Act under the provisions of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994, including the issuing of Environmental Infringement Notices.


Environmental Infringement Notice penalties for offences specified in the Plastic Shopping Bags Ban Act 2013 are listed in Schedule 2 of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control (General) Regulations 2017.​​