PEVs for Tasmanian Surface Waters

​​​​​​​​​​​Under the State Policy on Wate​r ​Quality Management 1997 protected environmental values must be set for all Tasmanian surface waters (including estuarine and coastal waters).

Protected Environmental Values (PEVs) are the current uses and values of the waterways. The Policy provides five categories of PEVs:

  • ​Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Recreational Water Quality and Aesthetics
  • Raw Water for Drinking Water Supply
  • Agricultural Water Uses
  • Industrial Water Supply

PEVs provide a strategic framework for water quality management and focus the attention of government, industry and the community on the long-term sustainable use of surface waters. 

PEV Setting in Tasmania

To date, PEVs have been set according to either catchment boundaries or municipal boundaries. These ​PEVs have been captured in Environmental Management Goals documents for​ the following catchment, estuary and ne​ar shore coastal water areas.


Blythe Catchment
​Blythe River Estuary, Minna Creek and Tip Creek Catchments
Circular Head/Wynyard Waratah Municipalities
​Pieman R, Arthur R, Welcome R, Montague R, Duck Rr, Black R, Detention R,  Crayfish Ck, Sister Ck, Inglis R, Flowerdale R, Cam R (headwaters and western side), and headwaters of Emu R, Blyth, and Leven R catchments
​Derwent Estuary land-based surface water and Derwent Estuary
​Derwent R catchment up to New Norfolk, and Derwent Estuary from New Norfolk to the line between Tinderbox and the Iron Pot
​Dorset and Break O'Day Municipal Area Catchments
​Ansons R, Apsley R, Boobyalla R, Brid R, Douglas R, Meetermer / George R, Great Forester R, Larnerrangener / Great Musselroe R, Hurst R, Polelewawta / Little Forester R, Ringarooma R, Scamander R, and Leengtenner / Tomahawk R catchments
​Flinders Municipal Area Catchments
​Furneaux Catchment
​Glamorgan-Spring Bay Catchment
​Apsley R, Buxton R, Lisdillion R, Merideth R, Prosser R, Spring R, Swan R, and Swanport R, and Ravensdale Rivulet Catchments.  
​Gordon River Catchment
​Gordon R, Denison R, and Franklin R catchments
yingina / Great Lake & Brumbys Creek Catchments, Lower Tinamirakuna / Macquarie and South Esk Rivers
​yingina / Great Lake catchment (including area draining into Lake Augusta and Arthurs Lake) and small areas of the Central Plateau, (including upper Liffey R, upper Westons Rivulet and Upper Brumbys Ck catchments), and Lower Brumbys Ck, Lower Tinamirakuna / Macquarie R and Lower South Esk R Catchments
​Greater Pipers River Catchment
​Piper R, Piper Brook, and Curries R catchments
​Huon Valley
​Crossing R, Mountain R, Esperence R, Lune R, Picton R, Weld, New R, Old R, North R, Spring R, Huon R and Davey R catchments.
​King Island
​King Island catchment
Kingborough Municipal Area and D'Entrecasteaux Channel
​North West Bay R and Snug R catchments, and D'Entrecasteaux Channel
Tinamirakuna / ​Macquarie and South Esk River Catchments
Tinamirakuna / Macquarie R catchment above confluence with Brumbys Ck, and South Esk catchment above confluence with Tinamirakuna / Macquarie R.
​ Meander R and Liffey R catchments
Mersey Catchment
​Arm R, Dasher R, Fish R, Fisher R, Little Fisher R, Mersey R, Minnow R, Lobster Rivulet, Mole Ck, Sassafras Ck, Marakoopa Ck, Paramatta Ck, Redwater Ck, Caroline Ck and Bonneys Ck catchments
​North Central Coast and the Greater Rubicon
​Blythe R, Cam R (eastern side), Don R, Emu R, Forth R, Guide R Leven R, Pet R, and Wilmot R catchments, and the Rubicon R catchments
Preservation Bay to Watcombe Beach, Penguin
​Coastal waters near shore between the western limit of Preservation Bay and the eastern limit of Watcombe Beach
​South East Coastal Catchments
​Carlton R, Coal R, Iron Ck, Orielton Rivulet, Duckhole Rivulet, Blackmans Rivulet, and Sorell Rivulet catchments
Southern Midlands Council Municipality
​Coal R, Jordan R, and Little Swanport R catchments, headwaters of the Prosser R, and Blackman R, and Tin Dish Rivulet and Kitty's Rivulet (sub-catchments of the Tinamirakuna / Macquarie R)
​kanamaluka / Tamar Estuary and North Esk Catchment
kanamaluka / ​Tamar Estuary from Launceston to Low Head and tributaries flowing into the estuary, and Lower North Esk R and St Patrick R catchments
Upper Derwent River
​Broad R, Clyde R, Dee R, Derwent R (above New Norfolk), Florentine R, Jordan R, Nive R, Ouse R, Plenty R, Styx R, and Tyenna R catchments
​West Coast Council (Excluding the Gordon and Pieman River Catchments)
​Queenstown (East Queen, West Queen R, King R, Comstock Ck, Linda Ck, Princess Ck, Conglomerate Ck catchments), Macquarie Harbour and tributaries flowing into the harbour, and Zeehan (Little Henty R, Dundas R, Comstock Ck, Parting Ck, Silver Lead Ck, Nike Ck, Zeehan Rivulet catchments)

Protected Environmental Values are also set for parks and reserves administered under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1970 when management plans are developed.

Who sets Protected Environmental Values?

The Policy requires the EPA Board and regional planning authorities (councils and/or the Director of Parks & Wildlife Service) to set the PEVs for inland and coastal waterways.

Setting of PEVs is an open and consultative process involving all interested industry & community groups. Where a fully representative catchment management group already exists, it would be used to seek community and industry involvement in the PEV setting process.